Auditing In Dubai | Is Auditing important?

Auditing in Dubai

auditing in dubaiAuditing in Dubai is a process performed by the auditors to examine the accuracy of the business’s financial records.

Financial Auditing ensures the business financial records are correct and in accordance with any applicable rules (including accepted accounting standards), regulations, and laws.


Types Of Auditors

  • Internal Auditors: Our bookkeeping and  accounting firms in Dubai  and our Auditors that are working as an employee within the company called internal auditor i.e internal audit services in Dubai. The internal auditor works as an employee to examine the internal records and help to improve internal processes such as operations, internal controls, risk management, and governance.
  • External Auditors: According to the law, public companies have to verify their financial statements from an external auditor.

Auditing Process:

 Planning : Define audit objective and methodology

  1. Work Plan Initiative and Special Project Request
  2. Send audit notification letter
  3. Gather relevant background information
  4. Audit objectives are defined and audit methodology is determined
  5. Identify Risk
  6. Prepare audit program and work paper protocol
  7. Document anticipated deliverable

Entrance Meeting: Hold Entrance meeting

  1. Discuss objective and scope of the audit
  2. Discuss Audit methodology and the reporting process
  3. Identify estimated timing and resource requirements

Fieldwork(Evaluation Phase) :  Gather evidence to accomplish audit objective

  1. Test transaction and documentation
  2. Conduct interviews with departmental personnel
  3. Evaluate documentation and process
  4. Review documentation and process
  5. Perform other audit procedures to meet audit objective

Exit meeting(If necessary, an exit meeting will be held)

  1. Discuss Audit Result with management
  2. Resolve questions and concerns
  3. Discuss corrective action  plans
  4. Develop Recommendations

Reporting : Communicate Audit Results

  1. Provide draft reports(initial report distribution is initially limited to the immediate manager of the area so it can be reviewed prior to further distribution of the audit report. ) for comments
  2. Obtain correct action plans
  3. Obtain expected implementation date.
  4. Prepare Final Report( its a written report that details the audit scope and objectives results, recommendations for improvement, and the audit client’s responses and corrective action plans.)
  5. Distribute final report to appropriate and required individuals.

Follow Ups: Review corrective action Plans and Results

  1. Interview staff
  2. Review new process and documentation
  3. Re-audit

Many of the companies only focus on one type of Auditing but with all complete services, once can reduce administration pressure and have a list of corrective actions in a single place.

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Auditing is of following types and with all these Auditing Services. Elevatebs, best Auditing in Dubai UAE is leading in the industry with their best quality services. Each type of auditing type has its own format to record audits properly.