Looking audit firms in Dubai?

Looking audit firms in Dubai?

Are you looking for any auditing services in Dubai? Do you need a audit firm for your business to take care of your audit compliance in Dubai, UAE?

Why you need an Auditors?

In order to secure share holder’ interest and transparency it is mandatory by govt to get the company’s financial decisions, sales, revenue audited and verified for avoiding any frauds and investors’s interest. The job of auditors is to verify company’s financial records and accounting procedures as per the the law. Companies are required to keep all the records which can impact the companies financial position and decisions.

Under auditing services in Dubai Audit firms need to check all tax requirements for every transactions made by the company. Auditors helps companies  to ensure all legal obligations regarding audit guidelines are meet. This avoids the hefty liabilities and fines imposed by govt for being non compliant with the law.  Auditors, do also helps the management to analyze the reliability of their financial reporting, internal control, etc for the better planning and maximizing the company profits.

Why you should Choose Elevate Business Solutions (Audit firm in Dubai)?

  • Elevate’s team of professionals ensures that the all the business processes are consistent.
  • Our talented staff always keeps business objectives in focus while developing company plans.
  • Our experienced team keeps a regular communication with the the external independent auditors, which helps in complying the external audit or statutory audit requirements of company.
  •  Stock audit is required for the ensure no discrepancies in book stocks and physical stocks. We help to clear the audit by keeping a regular record of company stocks.
  • Assets Inventory, needs to be updated regularly and audited. Our active team of professionals does this efficiently and effectively.
  • Revenue Audit ensures that the companies’ tax compliance are correct and true. Keeping your books updated is must for the revenue audits. We helps in audit by keeping all the compliance followed timely.
  • Auditors has to ensure that the feasibility study prepared are fair and correct. We help our client to prepare the feasibility studies as per the compliance.
  • Our experts prepare report for the business valuation and helps the clients to get the fair and best valuation for their business.
  • Restructuring of organisation operations are required as and when companies take over or mergers happen or growth. All the corporate restructuring is required to compliance as per the guidelines. We Elevate, helps our clients to follow the compliance while executing a corporate restructuring.
  • By keeping the VAT books up to date and timely following the vat compliance we helps in clearing the VAT audits for our clients.
  • Companies needs their account books updated for the clearance of audits. Our team helps it by keeping your account books in healthy condition.
  • Elevate provides services to outsource your CFO requirements to us. Our experts does provide all part time and full time CFO services to you and reduce the communication gaps between CFO and financial teams and avoid unnecessary losses.
  • In the unfortunate events of company insolvency, liquidator reports plays a big role. We prepares a fair and helps our clients to prepare the report and help them in the insolvency procedures.

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